Socializing in Norway

One of the things I was wondering before coming here was: “are the norwegian people as cold as they say?”. Everybody was warning me with sentences like “it’s going to be hard to make friends there” or “they say that they are really cold”. Well, fortunately this is not the truth, at least, not at all. As every rumor it has a real part and a invented part.

The myth

“Norwegian people are extremely cold”. False, they’re not unfriendly. It’s very common to be walking and watch them smiling. It’s really common to speak with someone and be joking, or that someone tries to help you as much as possible, for expample, when you need some indications..

The reality

They’ve got a good control of their emotiones. The fact that they’re joking with you doesn’t mean that they’re going to be your friends or meet with you any other day, so you can easily misunderstand their kindness. It’s also true that they have a huge respect for the personal space, which doesn’t mean that tey’re obsessed with it like this guy:

But, indeed, is strange for them if you touch, for expample, their arms when you’re talking to them.

To conclude

In summary, what you can hear about them, at least in Spain, is a very exaggerated and stereotypical version of the truth and, of course each person is different. In Spain you can see people who are not funny, boring people or shy people; as in Norway you can see the opposite.


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