The unification of Norway: A love story?

Before that you read this post, you must know two things:

1: If you are watching the series ‘Vikings’ and you don’t want to know some historical facts you shouldn’t read this.

2: This is a legend.

It is said that Harald, Jarl of Vestfold, was in love with Gyda Eiriksdottir, daughter of the King of Hordaland. He proposed marriage, but she denied saying that a jarl (what today would be a count or a duke) was nothing for a princess. But she gave him hope by saying that if he was able to conquer the surrounding territories, conforming a kingdom, she would marry him.

This motivated Harald, who sworn that he would never cut or brush his hair until he reach this goal: becoming the king of whole Norway. For this reason he was known as ‘Harald Finehair’.

It took between ten and twelve years to achieve this, but he finally did it when he won the battle of Hafrsfjord. And he became Harald I, the first King of Norway. Afther that, Gyda married him, becoming the first queen.

What do you think about this story? And about Gyda?


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