The runic alphabet (introduction)

The alphabetized runes system is a group of alphabets used by the germanic tongues, mainly in Scandinavia, that used letters called runes. The first of those is the elder ‘futhark’ (called after the first six letters), which contains around twenty-four/twenty-five runes. In the eighth century it evolved into the young ‘futhark’, with sixteen characters.

Runes are easy to distinguish because of its morphology based on straight lines and angles. This shape was due to the need of carve them easily in wood, metal or stone.

The most charasteristic point of this alphabet is that, appart from being related to a sound, every rune had also magical powers and a meaning such as “fortune” or “victory”. Moreover, if written upside down, the meaning changes drastically and the magic inside it becomes negative. In the myths and sagas there are cases of sick people getting worse because wrongly cut runes have been used to try to heal them.


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