Interview in Oslo

(After a little presentation of myself and my partner’s interview).

Interviewer: Why did you become a volunteer?

Me: I think that, like everyone here, I wanted a new experience in my live. For some people it can be hard to get out from the confort zone, but I think it’s necessary. Now, being more specific: why do this by being a volunteer? Because from my point of view it’s the best way to develop yourself. When you are helping other people and in the meantime you are learning new skills, as well as improving your adquired abilities, your gaining an unmeasurable experience. I won’t say that I do this only for helping. Being honest, I do this firstly for myself, I want to travel and get experience, but if I can do this while helping other people, then it’s perfect.

I: Why did you chose Norway?

M: I don’t think that I choose Norway, but Noway choose me. I applied for some other projects and, as my biggest dream has always been to see the Northern Lights, of course I applied for Norway, what is the one in which I’ve been selected. So you can say I am lucky.

I: What can you tell us about being a volunteer?

M: First of all, to be a volunteer you have to be brave. I think that everyone here shares the same pattern: we are all brave and ambitious, we all have dreams. Then, once you’re volunteer I think that you must be involved. I mean, from my point of view, only when you get really involve with your enviroment (and with this I also mean with the people) is when you’re adquiring this experience that I mentioned before. For me, I also took a good role with the other volunteers here. The first day I reunited them all to drink and meet each other and now I created a special Facebook group to travel around Norway together, to host each other, and also to keep in touch. And appart from all that, when you tell people that you are here as a volunteer, they are very grateful. That’s nice.

I: Have you experienced a cultural shock?

M: Not really. Or not as big as I expected. People was warning me about norwegians, saying that you are too cold, but I don’t think it’s true. You have a a good manage of your emotions and you also respect the personal space, but I don’t think it makes you so cold. There is a few differences with my flatmate. He’s a very nice guy, but we’re quite the opposite. He’s very organizated and calmed and I am more like “everything is going to be fine”. But I think that’s simply how you are. For example I am very open, optimistic and energic, and my flatmate says that it’s for being spanish, but I think it’s just personallity. In Spain you find very shy or isolated people also.

I: What’s the next step?

M: That’s the big question. By the moment I will be here until December and I promised my family that I will try to be a Teacher in Spain at least once, but I already figured out that I can imagine myself here in Norway, working as a Teacher and studying another master’s degree. I would be very happy. But still, not my whole life, probably. I am very curious man, and that means I have this feeling of moving. I don’t want to be in the same place for a long time.


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