My life one year ago VS My actual life

Well, it’s been a while since I published my last post. I’ve had two visits from Spain and I had no time to write. Moreover I wanted to wait to a special day as today (for me). That’s because today is my birthday. Now I’m 24 years old and taking it very good.

So in this occasion I will write a little bit about me, explaining what’s different in my life after this year, because it has completely changed.

18th of April, 2016

A very handsome guy called Carlos is turning 23 and he celebrates it with his friends, his girlfriend (nowadays ex-girlfriend) and some other buddies. At this point I am close to finishing my Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Science and Society. Also I used to work in the afternoons as an English Teacher in a school, like an “extra curricular activity”. Moreover, I was working on my own videogame, taking the role of writer.

My life was not too spontaneous, and although I knew that my next destination was wherever but Spain, I had no idea of what was coming. I was absolutely drown in the so called “comfort zone”, but wishing to go away from it.

18th of April. 2017

24 years old. From living in Málaga to living in Sveio, Norway. Surprisly, but that’s not all. Single; with so many friendships and after meeting really awesome people; with my Master’s Degree finished; with an online formation in World History and a scripting course; still with my videogame and participating in another one as a Translator; with a great level in English and good basis in Norwegian; managing this blog; writing a book; travelling around this awesome country; meeting more people… And of course, glad to being in the volunteering project helping people.

My life changed a lot in just a year. So much that explaining it in just a post is impossible. I’m happier now.


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