End of the first term. General thoughts.

May of 2017. Three months since I started my volunteering project in Norway, so I think it’s a good moment to make a little analysis of this first term. I’m starting explaining what is my project about. It’s quite simple: it’s about create a warmer society, helping wherever i’m needed in a village of Hordaland, Norway, called Sveio. During these months I’ll be in different places acomplishing a variety of tasks. By the moment, I’m in the middle school (13-16 years old).

Middle school (ungdomsskulen) in Sveio

In this part of the project I’m accomplishing the role of an assistant teacher. Usually I go to spanish or english lessons.

The educational system is, in my opinion, great; but i’ll write about it in other post.

I choose to assist to spanish and english mainly for two reasons:

1- Those are the lessons where I feel more useful, for they’re not taught in norwegian. Moreover, as I am actually an English Teacher, it’s my field.

2- I learn a lot of norwegian. When the teacher has to repeat a sentence in norwegian after saying it in english or spanish, I learn. Besides, when they do something by writing I can see the translations, which also helps. Finally, if I’ve got any doubt, I just ask to the teacher or the students. In summary: is good for the teachers and students to have a native spanish speaker or another English teacher; but it’s also good for me because I improve my teaching skills and in the meantime I develop my norwegian.

Living in Norway

Sincerely, I am more than glad with this destination. It’s a beautiful country in which you can’t help but look around at every moment. Right now, with the good weather and long days (from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. in Sveio), the environment is way more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, there are two things I don’t like: the bad weather can be really long and it’s an expensive country. Food is expensive, beer is expensive (a pint is around 8-9 euros in a pub), public transport is expensive… But of course, the salary is high. In general, life’s quality is pretty high. In fact, according to a recent research, Norway is the happiest country in the world according to six points: GDP, social helps, life expectacy, freedom, generosity and lack of corruption.

The language

I think that is in this point where I’m more satisfied, for more and more people are telling me how surprised they are about my level. My advance is because I talk to everyone, I ask what I don’t know, and the most important: I like it.

Is not a hard language. Once you dominate the structures it gets easier and easier. The only trouble is that I’m learning bokmål and where I live, people speak a dialect of nynorsk, so it’s sometimes complicated to understand them when they talk to each other.


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