What is ‘Unraveling’?

‘Unraveling’ is a personal proyect. In few words, my intention it to manage a multilingual blog (spanish, english and norwegian). Why? Well, because now that I’m living in Norway  I think that’s a good way to develop myself, learn the language and adquire new competences in general.

This is not the typical travelling blog. Althought travelling is my passion, I’m a very curious man. It’s not enough with see, I need to understand: to ask and get answers. In summary, I need to unravel. That’s why I’m going to involve mainly in the nord language and history (by the moment), but I will talk about every culture I be in touch with.

Who am I?

In Foucault words: “don’t ask me who i am and don’t ask me to remain the same”. By the moment I’m an adventurer thirsty for travel, thirsty for knowledge. But, being a little bit more formal, I’ll introduce myself as it’s expected.

Name: Carlos F. Rubio Moreno

Age: 23 years old


  • Degree in Primary Education with special mention in Foreign Language (English) by the University of Malaga.
  • Master Degree in Philosophy, Science and Society by the University of Malaga.
  • Online formation in World History.