The runic alphabet (introduction)

The alphabetized runes system is a group of alphabets used by the germanic tongues, mainly in Scandinavia, that used letters called runes. The first of those is the elder ‘futhark’ (called after the first six letters), which contains around twenty-four/twenty-five runes. In the eighth century it evolved into the young ‘futhark’, with sixteen characters.

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Learning a new language

Norwegian as a third language

Refering to the learning of a language, everyone knows that there are different strategies and study plans. In order to accomplish such knowledge, each person has to know how to manage his or her own learning. It’s important to know how you learn. As an example, I know that I learn better by searching structural similarities, shared lexical roots… that is to say, going deeper and deeper in the language itself and its historicity.

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