The runic alphabet (introduction)

The alphabetized runes system is a group of alphabets used by the germanic tongues, mainly in Scandinavia, that used letters called runes. The first of those is the elder ‘futhark’ (called after the first six letters), which contains around twenty-four/twenty-five runes. In the eighth century it evolved into the young ‘futhark’, with sixteen characters.

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The unification of Norway: A love story?

Before that you read this post, you must know two things:

1: If you are watching the series ‘Vikings’ and you don’t want to know some historical facts you shouldn’t read this.

2: This is a legend.

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The hero in the nordic folklore

The second thing I did when I arrived to Norway was to buy a book (the first thing I did was to eat in huge amounts). I came into a little book shop placed in the Oslo-Gardemoen airport and I saw a little book titled “Norwegian Folk Tales”, and what can I say except I loved it? It’s a very kind reading, for they’re mainly tales, but it contains a very interesting foreword in which we can see the conception of the nordic hero.

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