End of the first term. General thoughts.

May of 2017. Three months since I started my volunteering project in Norway, so I think it’s a good moment to make a little analysis of this first term. I’m starting explaining what is my project about. It’s quite simple: it’s about create a warmer society, helping wherever i’m needed in a village of Hordaland, Norway, called Sveio. During these months I’ll be in different places acomplishing a variety of tasks. By the moment, I’m in the middle school (13-16 years old).

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Socializing in Norway

One of the things I was wondering before coming here was: “are the norwegian people as cold as they say?”. Everybody was warning me with sentences like “it’s going to be hard to make friends there” or “they say that they are really cold”. Well, fortunately this is not the truth, at least, not at all. As every rumor it has a real part and a invented part.

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